My responsibility as president is to ensure that CSM responds fully to all recommendations by prescribed deadlines, and that we have the capacity and the resources to meet accreditation standards now and in the future.

What we have accomplished since August 2008:

  • The ACCJC has removed CSM from warning and our accreditation is fully reaffirmed.
  • We have developed the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the college will continue to meet accreditation standards.

On the horizon:

  • The college has another set of recommendations that must be met by October 2009. Work has already commenced on these recommendations and they will be completed by the October deadline.
  • The college must establish “measurable time-bound objectives” and demonstrate the incorporation of those objectives in our planning processes. The Institutional Planning Committee is finalizing these objectives and they will become part of our planning processes in the 2009/10 year.
  • The College must continue to make progress on SLOs and assessment in order to meet ACCJC requirements.